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What is Learn4Fun?

Interest is the key to learning

Learn4Fun is an online Chinese course for children aged from 6-13 years abroad who have certain interest and need in learning Chinese language and culture.

Ms. Zhang, co-founder of Learn4Fun, has taught Chinese in both domestic and international department of many bilingual schools in China for many years. Later, as a visiting scholar, she went to the United States for two years and taught IBPYP and MYP curriculum at a famous IB school in California. During her 16 years of hard work in the education industry, she has won many awards and praises through her wisdom and hard work. However, as a workshop facilitator of IB Asia Pacific region, she has always embraced the concept of being brave enough to accept the challenge, and she has not stopped because of the immediate results.

Through many years experience of teaching Chinese as additional language for teenagers and children, Ms. Zhang has learned about the overseas Chinese enthusiasm and the different needs for learning Chinese language and culture. However, the lack of creative curriculum content and traditional old-fashioned teaching methods are the two major “stumbling blocks” that lie ahead of many second- and third-generation of overseas Chinese who are eager to enter the hall of Chinese Learning.

How can we attract those children to learn Chinese and help them learn Chinese well?

Professional things must find professional people to do! There are many professional, well-trained Chinese CAL teachers in China. They are not only familiar with a variety of teaching materials, but also have rich teaching experience. They are good at adapting and integrating various teaching contents, and have strong skills of class management. Why not share these high-quality resources on the Internet platform to benefit more children and parents? As a result, the idea of the Learn4Fun Online Chinese Course was born!

At the same time, Ms. Zhang, who is dually educator and mother, has her own unique insights into the relationship between schools, teaching materials, and teachers. Teachers and teaching quality are the soul of the entire course. Without professional teaching team, strict quality control, strong sense of responsibility, even if the school's facilities are good, the textbooks are popular, the learning effect must be unsatisfactory! Therefore, from the beginning of the creation of Learn4Fun, we strictly select our “partners”—Professional, Responsible, Experienced, Interesting, and Creative teachers.

Now, with the advantages of the network, Learn4Fun breaks the boundaries of physical space. It allows you and your children, staying at home, to choose the most suitable teachers, and learn Chinese with interesting and effective teaching content and methods!

2018 is the founding year of Learn4Fun. With the support of a large number of Chinese language learning enthusiasts; with the active cooperation of partners; with the participation of high-quality teachers, Learn4Fun will bring you a new Chinese learning experience!

Is learning Chinese interesting or effective? - Both!